Press Update:
Aquila Collection and Air France KLM

Aquila Collection and Air France KLM: A Successful Cape Town Safari Roadshow in CEE

Cape Town, January 2024

Aquila Collection, in partnership with Air France KLM, recently concluded an exceptionally successful international Cape Town Safari Roadshow, which unfolded during the month of November 2023. The spotlight was on two captivating cities, Prague and Warsaw, where the aim was to entice Central and Eastern European (CEE) travellers to explore the wonders of Cape Town and South Africa.

Journeying on this mission to represent South Africa and Aquila Collection proudly was Johan van Schalkwyk, the Group Marketing and Trade Manager of Aquila Collection. His small yet dynamic team embarked on a journey that would bring Cape Town to the forefront of CEE travellers’ minds.

The roadshow featured a series of captivating events and trade shows, creating opportunities for the Aquila trade team to connect with over 150 trade professionals. The primary objective was to firmly establish Cape Town as a premier travel destination within the CEE market.

In Prague and Warsaw, the teams had the privilege of reconnecting with top-tier tour operators who had previously experienced the beauty of Cape Town and the Aquila Collection during the “Cape Town Safari Experience” fam trip campaign in 2023. The roadshow served as a catalyst, reigniting their fond memories of Cape Town and ensuring that South Africa and Aquila’s Cape Town Safaris remained at the forefront of their travel plans.

The “Cape Town Safari Roadshow, delivered by Air France KLM,” in Prague was a gathering of travel trade professionals and industry peers. This event also featured a warm welcome from Madam Ambassador Sejosingoe, the South African Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Her enthusiastic endorsement of South Africa as a must-visit bucket list destination resonated with the audience. She expressed her readiness to welcome more South African travel trade professionals to the region, fostering collaboration to promote this wonderful destination.

The collaboration with Spier Wine Farm via the Wine Square in Czech further elevated the event, featuring South African wines. In Poland, Aquila Collection continued to make its presence known at “Meet the Bidder” and “TT Warsaw,” further strengthening its foothold in the CEE region.

The CEE region has displayed promising growth across various travel sectors, including FIT, family, and luxury travel, as well as groups and MICE. Recognising this potential, Aquila Collection joined forces with *Travel Advance*, a destination marketing agency in the region. Together, they worked tirelessly to promote Cape Town Safaris to travel trade and media throughout the CEE region. This roadshow visit was a strategic move in a broader plan to establish a consistent message in the market and unlock the region’s immense potential.

Reasons Why CEE Travelers Should Choose South Africa and Cape Town:

  • Great Outdoors & Wildlife
  • Culture, Cuisine, and Wine
  • Bucket List & Adventure Activities
  • One-Hour Time Difference
  • Favourable Currency Exchange Rates
  • Affordable Destination
  • Visa-Free Visits

The roadshow emphasised the seamless connection to Cape Town via Air France KLM, making it convenient for global travellers to access the Mother City and enjoy an Aquila safari.  Traveling to Cape Town is very convenient and comfortable with KLM, boasting 32 years of service to Cape Town since October 27, 1992. The direct flight from Cape Town to Amsterdam takes just 11 hours and 20 minutes, offering seamless connections within Europe. There is a daily flight to and from Cape Town, ensuring travellers have options to suit their schedules.

The Cape Town Safari Roadshow, delivered by Air France KLM, had a clear mission – to persuade the world why Cape Town should be a top travel destination, with a special emphasis on including the Aquila Collection lodges and activities in travellers’ itineraries.

Throughout the roadshow, the team rekindled old friendships, forged new connections, hosted and attended various events, and engaged in discussions about the captivating Mother City and thrilling safari experiences.

The roadshow received support from Skål International Prague, whose members joined in a toast to celebrate the occasion.

Aquila Collection remains firmly committed to promoting Cape Town and South Africa as dream destinations for travellers. These roadshows stand as a testament to its unwavering dedication and passion.