Cape Leopard Monitoring Project Sparks Excitement at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve

Cape Town, July 25, 2023 

Earlier today, rangers at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve reported exciting progress in our ongoing Cape Mountain Leopard monitoring project in the Ceres Karoo, only 2.5 hours from Cape Town. As part of the conservation team’s monitoring process, our rangers have been tracking leopard spoor with unwavering dedication — an  incredibly delicate and difficult task considering the elusive and solitary nature of these fascinating big cats

Fresh Cape Mountain Leopard tracks were found imprinted in the soft sand along the reserve’s river banks. The team identified these tracks as belonging to a mature leopard, which we have been following for some time now. This is a significant observation, as it indicates the animals active presence in the area.

The Leopard Tracking Initiative is an essential part of our mission to better understand, protect, and conserve the reserve’s leopard population. With less than 500 Cape Leopards estimated to be left in the wild due to fragmented habitats and conflict with humans, the monitoring project’s ongoing research is a core component of our commitment to conserving and rehabilitating the Western Cape’s natural ecosystems.

While we respect the space and freedom of these magnificent creatures, we remain dedicated to our mission to ensure their continued survival and wellbeing. We look forward to updating you with more developments from the ground.