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Roadshow Overview


A collaborative platform that connects and elevates Cape Town through dynamic partnerships.

Our Roadshow Partners



CemAir boasts an extensive air network that connects travellers to some of South Africa’s most sought-after destinations.

With a focus on promoting seamless travel experiences, CemAir plays a pivotal role in connecting cities and regions that were previously not easily accessible. This is demonstrated within its Cape Town  and Western Cape network, serving as the sole airline connecting Durban with George and Plettenberg Bay with Cape Town. As the only airline offering these vital connections, CemAir opens up a world of possibilities for both leisure and business travellers.

With its friendly, reliable and efficient services, travellers can  effortlessly traverse the picturesque landscapes of South Africa, unlocking the breathtaking beauty of the Western Cape and the vibrant cityscape of Cape Town.

Aquila Collection

Welcome to the Aquila Collection: offering extraordinary Western Cape hospitality, providing bucket-list-worthy experiences just outside of Cape Town. 

Its primary focus is on Big 5 safaris, allowing visitors to Cape Town to encounter majestic wildlife in their natural habitat. Guests immerse themselves in South Africa’s untamed beauty, supported by Aquila’s commitment to responsible tourism and wildlife conservation. With luxurious accommodations and tailored experiences, the journey with Aquila Collection will surpass expectations, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Discover the captivating landscapes and vibrant wildlife of the Western Cape, all within easy reach of Cape Town.

Wild Horizons

Wild Horizons Cape Town – dedicated to crafting exceptional adventure activities for visitors to the Mother City.

Its specialised offerings are the ultimate gift for those seeking thrilling experiences in Cape Town. With a diverse array of carefully curated adventures, Wild Horizons cater to thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. From heart-pounding shark cage diving and mesmerising ocean experiences to invigorating outdoor hikes and breathtaking abseil excursions, Wild Horizons guarantees an unforgettable journey that embodies the true essence of Cape Town.

Prepare to embark on a remarkable adventure, as their curated experiences create enduring memories that will resonate long after your visit to Cape Town.

Rhebokskloof Estate

A hidden gem nestled in the picturesque town of Paarl. This estate is a haven for wine enthusiasts, nature lovers, and culinary connoisseurs alike.

Embark on an untouched experience as you enjoy award-winning wines, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the surrounding terroir. Indulge in a unique chocolate and wine pairing, where delectable flavours intertwine to create an unforgettable tasting adventure. Beyond wine, the estate boasts breathtaking nature hikes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Cape Winelands.

At Rhebokskloof Estate, you are invited to discover an exquisite blend of wine, nature, and gastronomy, ensuring a remarkable experience that lingers in your heart long after you leave.

Cape Town Safari Roadshow

31 July to 04 August 2023

The activation, named the CAPE TOWN SAFARI ROADSHOW DELIVERED BY CEMAIR, embarked on a groundbreaking mission to promote travel to Cape Town, South Africa, and elevate the city’s allure as an unrivalled destination. 

With an intricate fusion of strategic partnerships, including CemAir’s Cape Town network, and a stellar lineup of esteemed brands, the roadshow was a multifaceted endeavour designed to captivate the hearts and minds of potential travellers and key stakeholders in the travel industry.

At the core of this week-long activation was the commitment to showcase the unique attractions and experiences that Cape Town has to offer, with a spotlight on wildlife safaris, adventure activities, outdoor hikes, and exceptional wine and culinary delights.  In tandem, the roadshow aimed to underscore the ease and convenience of visiting Cape Town through CemAir’s extensive route network. Beyond the grandeur of Cape Town’s offerings, the roadshow served as a platform for collaboration and connection, uniting industry leaders, including Aquila Collection, Wild Horizons Cape Town, and Rhebokskloof Estate – to present their finest products and tourism updates. 

The week-long activation sought to bridge the gap between these esteemed brands and top South African travel trade professionals, providing them with a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about product developments and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.

The essence of the Cape Town Safari Roadshow rested in its seamless blend of travel promotion, brand showcase, and networking opportunities. 

By intertwining the vibrant tapestry of Cape Town’s marvels with the expertise of CemAir and the partner brands, the roadshow set forth a transformative journey to project Cape Town onto the global stage as a must-visit destination, beckoning travellers to embark on a safari of a lifetime and explore the city’s abundant wonders.

The Roadshow Overview

The Cape Town Safari Roadshow, organised by Aquila Collection and supported by CemAir, Wild Horizons Cape Town, and Rhebokskloof Estate, was a strategic initiative to promote travel to Cape Town, South Africa. 

The roadshow aimed to highlight the diverse attractions of the city, including safaris, adventure activities, outdoor hikes, excellent wine, and food experiences.

Roadshow Details:

Duration: 31 July to 4 August 2023

Cities Visited: Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, George, and Plett

Air Partner: FlyCemair facilitated the air network, flying all brand partners to each city.

Pre-Event Strategy

Website Creation:

A dedicated website featuring branding and brand visibility for all partners served as the central hub for event information.

Social Media Promotion:

Brand, affiliate group, and personal social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) were utilised to promote the roadshow with daily posts, event information, and partnership updates.

Email Marketing:

Over 10,000 emails were distributed, containing invitations and roadshow details, along with partner content and logos.

In-Person Engagement:

In addition to digital efforts, telephone calls were made to inform South African travel trade about the roadshow, generating buzz and interest.

During the Activation

Uniformed Branding:

Participants of the roadshow were branded with uniforms to create maximum impact for the roadshow brand. All venues also had welcome signage and branding to create a flow for the roadshow.

Social Media Engagement:

Multiple daily social media posts across all platforms under the hashtag #CapeTownRoadshow promoted Cape Town partners, event updates, and encouraged visitation.

City-Specific Emails:

Targeted emails were sent to increase brand presence in each city and invite delegates.

Daily Event Video:

A video was created and shared across all social media channels daily, highlighting the roadshow events, tagging partners, and ambassadors.

Top Travel Trade Attendance:

The roadshow received RSVPs from approximately 250 top travel trade professionals in South Africa, ensuring maximum reach and exposure for the partners involved.

Partner Presentations:

Each partner had ample time during presentations to showcase their brands, tourism products, and updates, with a focus on the unique offerings of Cape Town.

Top-Class Venues:

Each event took place at a unique and top-class venue in each city, with Rhebokskloof wine and high-end catering provided, elevating the status of the roadshow.


Lucky Guest Prize:

A Cape Town Roadshow prize was awarded to one lucky guest at each event, including two return Cape Town flights by FlyCemair and accommodations, adventures, and activities with roadshow partners.

Roadshow Stops

Cape Town

Innovation City (Part of TravelStart group)


Moonshot (Beautiful rooftop venue)


Hotel Sky (Event co-hosted by hotel with Capital Hotels as accommodation partner)


Grimaldi’s (Supported by AHA Gateway as accommodation sponsor)


Hawthorn (New boutique hotel supported by the district municipality and local tourism authority)

Plettenberg Bay

Beacon Island Hotel 

Post-Roadshow Strategy

Follow-Up Engagement

Email and telephone follow-ups to be conducted with all travel trade attendees to ensure they actively promote and utilise the partners for their guests.

Press Release

A press release has been compiled and distributed to travel trade and media, maximising post-event visibility.


Database Utilisation

The 10,000+ strong travel trade database will be used to promote the success of the roadshow events and create excitement for the upcoming roadshows, aiming to reach an even larger audience.

Website Update

The website will be updated to host existing roadshow content and call for attendance for upcoming roadshows.

“The Cape Town Safari Roadshow went beyond digital and in-person reach, demonstrating the commitment of the partners to promote Cape Town. 

The success of the events, combined with word-of-mouth endorsements from attendees, will create a lasting impact on destination marketing. The roadshow effectively positioned Cape Town as a must-visit one-stop-shop destination, encompassing wildlife and safari excursions. 

The expected increased visitors to Cape Town will boost the tourism economy and drive revenue for all roadshow participants.”

Value Achieved

Digital and In-Person Reach:

The roadshow achieved significant brand visibility and engagement across various digital and in-person channels, establishing a strong presence in the travel industry.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing:

Positive feedback from attendees, combined with impressive daily digital content, generated word-of-mouth promotion, further enhancing the roadshow’s impact.

Promoting Cape Town:

The roadshow successfully positioned Cape Town as a must-visit one-stop-shop destination, showcasing its wildlife, safari excursions, adventure activities, and exquisite cuisine.

Economic Boost:

The roadshow is expected to attract more visitors to Cape Town, thereby boosting the tourism economy and driving revenue growth for all participating partners.


Private Initiative

The roadshow was a testament to the bold steps taken by partners to collaborate on a project of this magnitude, showcasing their commitment to promoting Cape Town as a premier destination.

A Game Changing Approach

The Cape Town Safari Roadshow, delivered by CemAir and organised by Aquila Collection, has been a resounding success in promoting travel to Cape Town and highlighting the city’s unique offerings.

The roadshow sets a groundbreaking precedent for destination marketing! Its achievements demonstrate the power of collaborative efforts, strategic planning, and commitment to showcasing the Mother City. This initiative has not only enhanced brand visibility for the partners involved but also contributed to the overall prosperity of Cape Town’s tourism industry.

This first-of-its-kind activation paves the way for future roadshows to reach even more people and solidifies the roadshow’s position as a game-changer in destination promotion.