Delivering safe and world-class service together with magnificent Cape Town big 5 safaris.

The Aquila Collection have always taken safe and hygienic services at heart, and will continue to do so in the post-COVID19 world when we bring back our friendly staff and welcome back our most valued guests from South Africa and around the world.

Before lockdown and in the period before the worldwide pandemic was announced, Aquila already implemented additional stringent measures at its properties and have always communicated our ongoing commitment to Safe Service Safaris.

Post lockdown – our teams will continue to be committed to ongoing training, screening and other protocols to ensure we are all safe while enjoying the magnificent landscapes of the Cape Karoo.

Our properties pledge that hygiene protocols will continue to be a priority, while we work with health and safety advisors to ensure we are certified and approved to accept guests from across the globe. 

Please familiarise yourself with the suggested protocols and measures we have put in place to ensure Safe Service Safaris:


  • All of our platforms will continue to be updated with the most recent information and protocols.
  • Guests (or agents) have access to our Safe Service Safaris soft copy guide to familiarise themselves with these protocols.


These protocols are relevant to the Aquila owned guest transfer service. Outsourced services booked through our reservations office will have to comply with our strict measures and will also be “certified safe” before their services may be used. The Aquila Collection reserves the right of admission.

  • Transfer vehicles will only transport the regulated amount of passengers.
  • Guests will be required to undergo a pre-screening before embarking the vehicle. This will include a guest information form, temperature check and protocol information update.
  • Guests with COVID19 symptoms or irregular temperature checks may be denied the transfer service.
  • The transfer service professional will have had pre-service training, wear a mask and will have hand sanitiser which will be regularly applied.
  • The vehicle will be disinfected before and after use.


All guests are required to complete a security checkpoint indemnity form and COVID19 screening before entry at any of the Aquila Collection properties. The Aquila Collection reserves the right of admission. 

  • All staff and guests (no matter their form of transport) will undergo a COVID19 screening. This will include an indemnity form, reservation validation, guest information form and temperature check.
  • Should any guest or staff member show any COVID19 symptoms or have irregular temperature check results, they may be refused entry to any of the properties.
  • Should guests not have masks, they will be able to purchase these for safe entry to our properties.


  • A welcome drink will be served upon arrival.
  • All main doors of the reserve will be open (if manually operated) during the operational hours, or automated in an effort to reduce touching of any high impact areas (like door handles).
  • Guests must please make sure they bring / keep a pen for any further check-in documentation.
  • Social distancing must please be adhered to at reception. Guests must please follow the signage and floor markings.


All front desk staff will wear a cloth mask as per the regulations – as well as undergo pre-screening before, during and after shifts. They will also comply with strict staff hygiene protocols.

  • Sanitiser will be available for use.
  • Passports or ID documents will be wiped before handled and returned.
  • Guests will once again be reminded of the Safe Service Safaris protocol and be urged to please comply with the protocols to ensure a hygienic and safe experience for all guests.


We ask that conscious efforts are made by all staff and guests to maintain social distancing in communal areas.

  • Friendly welcoming handshakes and hugs from our staff will unfortunately not be offered.
  • Guests waiting for activities must please keep the recommended distance from each other at pick up points.


We look forward to welcoming guests back! In the immediate recovery period, Aquila and Inverdoorn will implement 24 hour decontamination periods for all rooms after check-out. We ask that guests understand that this might force a room type change due to availability. We will always try our best to offer an upgrade, or room of the same value – should this be the situation.

  • As per suggested operational protocol, rooms are sanitized prior to guest arrival.
  • Room keys will be sanitised and sealed for guest check-in and will remain in guest possession for the duration of their stay.
  • Rooms will have sanitizer for personal use.
  • Turn down service will only be done on guest request to minimize guest room access.
  • In the case of any maintenance intervention, maintenance staff will wear a mask and gloves.


Our reserves have always offered a beautiful South African cuisine buffet for lunch and dinner and we will strive to continue offering a delicious selection.

  • Chefs and kitchen staff are required to wear face masks and gloves.
  • Buffet service will be served by dedicated staff and no guest will touch any serving utensils.
  • Safari snacks will be individually wrapped.
  • Seating capacity will be adjusted as per the Adjusted Risk Strategy level protocols. Our properties have ample indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Tables and bill folders will be sanitised before and after use.


We continue to offer a variety of wildlife experiences for your enjoyment.

  • Safari vehicle capacity is governed by the Department of Transport as per the Adjusted Risk Strategy and government gazette.
  • Rangers and activity leaders will have hand sanitiser available for guest use.
  • Safari vehicles are washed daily and high touch areas are disinfected before and after use.
  • All guests will be required to please wear a mask on game drives.
  • Saddles and quad bikes will be washed before and after use.


We invite guests to browse the selection of gifts, curios and necessities in our curio shops.

  • Guests will be required to sanitise their hands before entry and wear a mask.
  • We will limit the number of guests in the shop at any given time.
  • Guests must please handle the products themselves and practice social distancing in the shops.


Our most valued guests are welcome to make use of the spa services (at an additional fee) while visiting Aquila Private Game Reserve. This makes for a truly relaxing Karoo visit.

  • Spa access and treatments must please be pre-booked.
  • Shower is mandatory for all treatments and spa use.
  • Treatment rooms will be alternated to allow for sanitisation and decontamination.
  • Therapists will sanitize his/her hands in front of the guest before starting the treatment.
  • Therapists will wear a mask and any other protective gear needed throughout the treatment.


This facility is hosted at Aquila Private Game Reserve & Spa and includes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for kids.

  • A limited number of kids will be allowed at a time for a maximum slot time of half day.
  • Outdoor activities will be promoted instead of indoor activities.
  • Hand sanitation will be done for all kids upon entry and exit.
  • The Kids Supervisor reserves the right to refuse admission for any child with risk symptoms.
  • Hard toys and high touch areas will be sanitised and/or washed regularly.
  • Sanitizer and/or wipes will be available and refilled regularly.


The General Manager, Front of House Manager and First Aid Officer will always be available to assist all guests throughout their Safe Service Safaris visit. All indoor areas such as entrance lobbies, corridors and staircases, lifts, office rooms, meeting rooms and back offices are cleaned daily.

  • Easy accessible hand sanitising stations will be available in all communal and high touch areas.
  • Guests and staff must please practice social distancing and wear masks when in a public space.
  • Continuous staff training and monthly certification processes will be in place.
  • The current South African Government regulations suggest 70% alcohol based sanitizers to be used.

Further updates to these protocols may be suggested or made from time to time and we will endeavour to update all websites and guest information as soon as any protocols are changed.

These protocols will be implemented from the time that we are allowed to open as per the South African Government Gazette and Regulations and will remain in place until the WHO or South African Government make any further suggestions or recalls.

The Aquila Collection remains committed to provide Safe Service Safaris to our most valued guests as we continue to offer world class Cape Town Big 5 safaris and experiences – just 2 hours from the Mother City.