An announcement to our most valued guests regarding pending cancellations and refunds:

At the outset we wish to apologise for the delay in response with regard to cancellation and refunds. Covid19 has had a catastrophic effect on our business, as well as our cashflow.

We are currently, without income, having to care for our animals, pay salaries as well as provide security for our properties.

We believed that we had insurance cover both for the repayment of deposits as well as for business interruption. To our surprise we were advised by our insurers that they were disputing our claims. This has also been widely televised. 

In addition to the above mentioned, we are also owed considerable sums of money by our debtors, which due to the effect of Covid19, they are also unable to settle.

We would like to remind our guests that we continue to offer a generous deferment option. This allows you the option of holding and postponing your booking at no extra cost for a period of 24 months from the original date of arrival. For more information on option, please click here to read more or complete the online application.

Should this postponement not suit you, we will use all our endeavours to ensure that we refund you once we become operational.

Our business is currently still closed due to the South African Disaster Announcement and the Level 3 lockdown regulations. We continue to support tourism bodies and governmental negotiations to allow tourism to open in the near future. To read more about this, please click here.

We profusely apologise for the inconvenience caused and trust you will bear with us and understand the current situation.

We wish you a good health during this global pandemic.